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Obesity is a problem in a number of developed nations; the portion of the world’s population that could be called overweight is growing at a rate that should cause alarm. And the problem emanates, not only from nutritional factors but an inability to recognize the problem at hand.

Simply put, it is difficult to take steps to bring about weightloss when those persons that need help cannot even recognize that they are indeed overweight; and considering the risks involved, not only to heart health but numerous other complications, the fight against obesity has never been more important.

Body Mass Index explained:

The term refers to the process of essentially measuring the fat levels of an individual’s body by comparing their weight to their height. It is a means of determining the health of one’s weight. It is not a very direct measurement but its results are a perfect first step to gaining an accurate understanding of body fat, especially for those individuals trying to determine if they might be at risk of attracting health risks related to excess weight.

Admittedly one would be better served relying upon a body composition analysis for far more reliable results; the body composition analysis will take into account measurements like skinfold thickness and hydrodensitometry to gain an understanding of the body’s percentage of fat and lean mass.

Are you overweight?That being said, BMI is a pretty impressive first step; the idea is to categorize an individual under one of four groups, namely:

  • underweight,
  • normal weight,
  • overweight
  • and obese.

With results falling between the values of 18.5 and 29.9 (and anything above 29.9 points to obesity), BMI strives to determine whether an individual is the right weight for their height.

That doesn’t make BMI measurements perfect by any means; there are restrictions that must be considered and which can avail erroneous readings, such as the fact that women are often in possession of more fat than men, the matter of the bodies of old people storing more fat than young adults, and the issue of athletes typically displaying a high BMI, not because they are actually obese but as a result of the high levels of muscle mass they boast.

IN fact it would be accurate to say that the BMI measurement simply cannot work for everyone; the BMI formula is too simplistic, incapable of differentiating fat from muscle or bone.

That doesn’t debilitate its uses however; the body mass index is still a powerful tool in any institution or population, essential to ensuring physical health and wellness, especially in a world slowly succumbing to the scourge of obesity.

And when one considers the health risks of obesity (stroke, diabetes, hypertension, cancer) it makes sense why every individual should take steps to determine their body mass index.

The sooner you determine where on the index you fall, the sooner you can take steps to remedy the issue; nutrition is crucial for anyone trying to improve their BMI; that and a much healthier lifestyle, including proper dieting and exercise.

Everyone can afford to live a little healthier; and for some people, knowing that they are a little too large for their height might be all the push they need to make changes.

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