Eat more Carbohydrates!


Why carbohydrates are so important?

Carbohydrates are not only important for athletes, everybody needs carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are our fuel, if we workout or not. Carbohydrates must count for 40% of our daily calorie intake. Not more, but not less!

Learn about how to properly fuel your body pre and post exercise.

Carbohydrates are the best fuel for the body’s engine – more so than proteins or fats – and the right carbs, taken at the right time, are key to good athletic performance.

Carbohydrates are the most important source of fuel in an athlete’s diet.  And yet, some athletes experiment with popular low-carbohydrate regimens, believing (mistakenly) that these diets will somehow “train” the body to burn more fat for fuel, or that carbohydrates interfere with the body’s ability to burn fat. But carbohydrates are a critically important energy source during exercise – and, in fact, the body cannot use fat for energy unless carbohydrate is present.

Carbohydrates are the fuel that makes the body’s engine run, and athletes need plenty of carbohydrates before, during and after exercise.

While fats can be (and are) used as a source of energy, the main function of the carbohydrates you eat is to supply energy to cells.  This is particularly true for high-intensity exercise – the level at which most athletes train and compete.

The body generates energy from carbohydrates much more rapidly than it does from fat, and the brain and central nervous system rely exclusively on carbohydrate for fuel.

And, it’s often said that “fats burn in a carbohydrate flame” in the body.  What this means is that in order for fats to be broken down completely – which results in the release of energy – carbohydrate breakdown has to happen simultaneously.

This is because one of the products of carbohydrate metabolism is a substance called pyruvate.  Pyruvate plays a critical role in the release of energy from fat.  Without enough carbohydrate in the diet, pyruvate production drops  – which impairs the release of energy from fat.

Watch theses videos to learn more about the importance of carbohydrates:

How much carbs do you eat?

We learn that all carbohydrates are bad for you as well as should be prevented.

But the fact reality is: Carbohydrates have a moderate amount of calories (having half as much as body fat). However, simple carbohydrates (sugars) especially Fructose must be limited. Complex carbohydrates: whole grain and starches etc. are high in nutrients and we need theses carbohydrates. Only when portions are as well big, problems happen!

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