You know fish is good for you ! Go for it


You know fish is good for you, but you might not be familiar with the specifics, so let’s go over them. It’s high in protein, calcium, iron, potassium and omega-3s.

In a 2013 study published by the American Heart Association omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil were said to improve cardiovascular health, reduce risk of blood clots and lower blood pressure.

Not only this, but in order to get these benefits we have to add fish and omega 3 foods in our diet. Canada’s Food Guide recommends Canadians consume at least two servings of fish per week for healthy adults.

But when it comes to the facts, some of it just plain stinks. From farm-raising fears to mind boggling mercury levels, consuming fish can raise some concerns. Eat Right Ontario, a dietitian service supported by the government of Ontario, warns against eating large fish like swordfish, marlin and orange roughy.

Opening a can of sardines or tuna packed in water is a quick and easy way to fill up on those healthy fish fats, while wild salmon is touted for being more sustainable and carrying less contaminants than its farmed counterparts.

Looking for new salad ideas or trying to find more ways to add healthy fish to your diet? I’m Susan Bowerman, and you know I’m always talking to you about fish. Eating fish is a healthy choice!

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