How to cook with fresh and dried Herbs


A cooking guide for using fresh herbs and dried herbs

When a recipe calls for an herb like basil or thyme, do you use fresh herbs or dried herbs? Today we’re talking with Susan Bowerman about the differences between fresh herbs and dried herbs.

Fresh herbs:

– When herbs are very fresh, their flavors and aromas are at their peak.

– Fresh herbs are more perishable, you might waste some if you don’t use them.

– Fresh herbs are good if you’re eating them raw, such as adding fresh dill in a salad.

– When you’re ready to use fresh herbs, just strip the leaves from the stems and add them to your dish whole or minced.

Dried herbs:

– Dried herbs are more concentrated so you would use less than you would with fresh herbs.

– Dried herbs can take longer cooking time than fresh herbs; you can add dried herbs while you are cooking. Fresh herbs on the other hand are better added towards the end of cooking.

– Dried herbs don’t spoil, but they can lose their potency over time. Store them in a cool, dark place and sniff them periodically to see if they’ve lost their aroma.

– Dried herbs should be crushed a little bit before you add to cooking. Roll them around on your hand to release some of the flavor and then add to your dish.

Whatch this video with Nutritioniste Susan Bowerman and learn how to use fresh and dried herbs for cooking

For sure fresh herbs would be better in many ways, they give more taste and more nutritients. But one of the downsides to herbs is they do not have a long shelf life. One way to increase the shelf life is to store them in water using a glass jar and cover with a gallon sized bag. Or you could freeze them.

Watch this video and learn how to freeze fresh herbs:

Another way to increase shelf life of fresh herbs is to freeze them in olive oil or reduced-sodium chicken broth. Both are doing well because the  olive oil oil cubes work well in sautéed dishes and broth cubes work well for soups and stews.

Now you are ready to go! Prefere herbs to salt and artificial flavors. Nine out of ten Americans eat too much salt.

As a result, more people are being diagnosed with high blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends 1500mg of sodium or less per day and the average person consumes around 3,400mg (twice the recommendation).

One of the best ways to reduce sodium intake is to put down the salt shaker and bring out the herbs. Herbs give food flavor with adding salt.

You cant go wrong with fresh or even dried herbs!


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