How to avoid High Glycemic Index Foods


Using GI to real-life diets is complex, weigh all info before counting on glycemic index.

The numbers don’t constantly match if you check different sources on the GI of foods.

The glycemic index takes into account just the type of carb, not the amount of carb, in a normal serving. Some foods are richer sources of carbohydrates than others. For example, chocolate cake has 52 grams of carb in an usual serving, while carrots provide just 6 grams of carb in a serving. Even though the glycemic index of carrots is higher (47, vs. 38 for cake) chocolate cake is going to have a much higher overall effect on blood sugar, since it takes 81 servings of carrots to equal the carbohydrate in a serving of cake.

The GI in a given food can vary, depending on where it is grown and how it is processed and prepared. Australian potatoes have a higher GI than American potatoes. In general, the more processed the food, the higher the GI.

Even cooking pasta for a longer time can raise the GI.

Usually, entire grains have a lower GI than fine-tuned grains. However glycemic index positions are often confusing:

Bran flakes and Cheerios have a GI of 74. Shredded wheat is 75. Long-grain white rice averaged 56, while brown rice has about 55 (50-66).

The average GI of white bread in various research studies is 70 and of entire grain bread about 71.

And, ironically, sugars have a lower GI than starches, due to the fact that starches are composed completely of glucose particles, and sugars are not.

To cut back on your high GI foods and reduce the total glycemic load of your diet overall, there are some changes you can easily make:

Instead of:



white rice or potatoes

brown rice or other whole grains like wheat, barley, millet or quinoa or substitute beans, lentils or sweet potatoes

high GI fruit juices

whole fresh fruits

refined white breads, crackers and snack foods

products made from 100% whole grains, or try nuts instead of chips for snacks


And, keep in mind that the rest of the foods in your diet – the lean proteins and healthy fats – have no impact on blood sugar.

When it comes down to it, the foods that you know to be the basis of a healthy, balanced diet are the same foods that tend to have a low GI value.

Vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains retain their natural vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – nutrients that are stripped away when these foods are processed.

And, thanks to their fiber content, these foods are bulky and filling – which can help make meals feel more filling and help you manage your weight.

As you replace the starchy, sugary, refined carbohydrates with lower GI carbohydrates, you not only reduce the overall glycemic load of the diet – you get a  healthy nutrient boost, too!

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Researches that develop the GI of foods measure the response to a food consumed all by itself. Many of us don’t eat like that. Exactly what’s vital is forecasting the impact of the food as part of a meal.

Professionals disagree on the value of the glycemic index.

The American Diabetes Association states that “the relationship between glycemic index and glycemic load and the advancement of type 2 diabetes stays uncertain at this time.”.

The Canadian and Australian Diabetes Associations have actually backed GI as a device for improved blood sugar control. Some dietitians who work with individuals with diabetes recommend that their customers address other diet concerns initially, such as overall carb and dish spacing, then attempt the GI concept to see if that enhances blood glucose further.

There’s no doubt that various foods produce different glucose responses, however the overall carbohydrate has a lot more of an effect than the GI.

If you have tough time using GI diets, a much better technique is to eat close to the farm. Avoid extremely refined foods and focus on lean meats, legumes and beans, entire grains and fresh fruits and veggies.

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