No Fat Apple Pie Recipe


Here is my favored apple pie recipe without any fat

Enjoy this no fat apple pie recipe! Its very simple and works with all kind of fruits.

No Fat Pear Pie
With Pears
With Apples
With Apples and Brown Sugar
With Apples and Sultanas

1 Heat your Oven (350°F)

2 Prepare the Fruits:

Cut your apples, or pears, … in slices, or use any kind or fruits you like. Need about 3 apples, or more if you like.

Pour some lemon juice over the sliced fruits

3 Prepare the Dough:

Mix the ingredients:

2 cups of Flower (of your choice)

3/4 cup Sugar

3 Eggs (big)

a lot of cinnamon (if you like, i use about 2 tsp)

1 tbsp Baking Powder

1 tbsp Baking Soda (optional)

1 tbsp Lemon Peel (dried powder or from 1/2 fresh lemon)

1/8 cup of Milk (optional but makes the dough some smoother)

4 Put all Together

Distribute the dough in your baking mold

Display your fruits

Add some sultanas if you like, but be aware, they tend to burn

Spread some more Cinnamon, maybe some brown sugar, or sliced almonds… be creative.

5 Cook about 50 min

Cooking time depends on your oven, so first time need your supervision.

Finish pouring some more lemon juice over the warm pie, some icing sugar if you like (especially if your cake came out a little bit dark ;-))

That’s it. Your no fat apple pie is ready!

PS Don’t expect the taste of fatty high calorie cake, made with a big bunch of butter. But I love this no fat pie recipe, because its low calorie and also low cholesterol, and I like this apple – lemon – cinnamon taste – yummm… Try it out!

Consider this no fat apple pie recipe if you are looking for tasty Weight Loss recipes or Low Cholesterol recipes, or simple Healthy Food recipes. Or if you are searching Low Calorie baking recipes.


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