Seeds Of Death – The Lies about GMO in Foods


The Terrific Truth about GMOs, Monsanto and modern Food Industry

Right here are a few of the many things we can learn about GMOs, Monsanto and our modern Food Industry.

Monsanto’s policy of applying licenses may seem stringent, other business that offer biotechnology-enhanced seeds execute their patents. Monsanto is not the only seed company that imposes its intellectual real property rights.

A bunch of times gardeners are worried that Monsanto is going to take their farm, yet we will certainly do everything feasible to get to a settlement in these concerns.

In spite of all, Monsanto obtained a 100 percent score from the Human Rights campaign for LGBT equality in the work environment in 2013, and also this had not been a one-time fluke either.

It’s the fourth consecutive time the company has actually been designated a “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign. The campaign’s Corporate Equality Index prices companies based upon LGBT-friendly plans and also treatments. Monsanto, for instance, supplies cohabitant and transgender-inclusive healthcare protection to staff members.

“We boast of our company’s diversity and also our emphasis on incorporation to insure that every voice is heard and also everyone is treated similarly as these are crucial to our success,” claimed Monsanto’s vice president and controller, in addition to the executive enroller for the company’s LGBT employee network, Encompass. “We’re thrilled to share the information that we are being recognized again by the Human Rights Campaign.”

Dear reader, do you really believe that Monsanto doesn’t regulate the United States government, consisting of the FDA? You’re assuming of defense service providers, the oil market, as well as Wall Street. While it holds true they’re a multi-billion buck business and also may have some lobbyists, they pale in comparison to firms like Exxon, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, or Goldman Sachs.

One more unusual fact is that their change from a chemical company that notoriously created Agent Orange for the United States (along with other companies) as well as some various other environmentally-damaging items, to a bio-tech company was partially steered by one Mitt Romney that functioned for Bain Capital at the time.

Seeds of Death [Video]

If you feel concerned about Healthy Foods you must watch this video! (80 minutes)

From Roundup to Glyphosate

Lots of are also worried about the active substance in Monsanto’s Roundup weed fantastic, stating it has been linked to cancer. Yet there’s more to that tale. The united state Environmental Protection Agency’s main position presently is that there’s no proof that glyphosate can be linked to cancer cells. The UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer proclaimed in March that glyphosate “most likely” raises the threat of cancer in people exposed. Exactly what’s essential to note below is that the levels of exposure baseding on the UN’s findings need to be incredibly high as well as continual over some time frame, meanings that farmworkers are the primary team that would be most in jeopardy– if there is a risk. As a result of the brand-new workings with from the UN, the EPA is examining glyphosate’s dangers as well as requireds to release a new assessment later on this year, which might consist of new limitations on usage yet will certainly not require a straight-out restriction on the chemical.

Neonicotinoid chemicals have actually been linked as a feasible wrongdoer in nest failure along with a selection of parasites as well as fungis. It’s likewise worth aiming out that Rotenone, a comparable pesticide based on nicotine, has actually been utilized for decades in the organic industry and also has also most likely killed its reasonable share of cross-pollinating insects.

If the consumers knew the quality of their daily food…

As said in the video above, if only the consumers knew about the hole GMO story, they would claim for healthy organic food and nutrition supplements! If people knew about the health benefits of natural foods, like herbs, they would consume theses products. The fact is that most don’t know about the reality of modern nutrition.

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