Is Sugar the Next Tobacco?


Sugar Kills!

Many people are already aware that they need to limit the amount of sugar they consume. However, the University of California scientists believe that consumers should not just be the one to restrict their sugar intake; it should be treated just like tobacco and alcohol.

Added sugars, including high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, are present in almost 20% of the American diet. In the last 50 years, the overall consumption of the sweet stuff has tripled and this can easily be viewed by the total amount of soda drank by Americans in which an average person drinks over 50 gallons per year. Sugar is almost a natural ingredient in many food products. In order to combat obesity and promote better health, sugar should be controlled just like tobacco and alcohol.

Tobacco and sugar are very much alike when it comes to their addictive qualities. Based on the findings of the report entitled Sugar Consumption at a Crossroads, sugar affects the body in so many negative ways. These negative effects include obesity and health issues, which is why many companies are protesting against the comparison, such as Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Snapple.

Among the least likely viral video megahits is a 90-minute lecture by the food scold and pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig entitled:

“Sugar: The Bitter Truth.” by Robert H. Lustig, M.D.

Click to play or pause (video 1h28)

Today, it is right to say that sugar is the next tobacco. Just as tobacco is addictive and causes many body diseases, refined sugar tends to have the same qualities. It is right to say that refined sugar is an addictive substance with low-level, cumulative effects which ultimately cause significant damage to our bodies. On an average, a human-being consumes two to three pounds of sugar in a week. Sugar is taken in as bread, breakfast cereals, peanut butter and juices that we take to keep ourselves hydrated. Sugar has serious effects on our bodies, some which may even lead to death.

The Immune System:

One of the most unknown dangers of sugar intake is its effect on the immune system. Sugar suppresses white blood cells and reduces their number, thereby, bringing about a suppression of the immune system. Thus the person is more prone to infections and diseases. The effect is more profound in children than adults.

Heart diseases:

The connection in the middle of sugar and heart disease can be dated to the low-fat eating routine, the high sugar diet which has been an absolute failure. The outcome is that, you get fat and more diabetic at a pestilence rate. There has been an alarming increment in a condition called the Metabolic Disorder, or Disorder X. The Metabolic Disorder is really a group of stars of danger that regularly seem together in patients and is straightforwardly linked to an increased danger of coronary supply route heart disease, Sort 2 Diabetes and stroke. For those who have heart attacks, Metabolic Disorder will probably be the reason. And the Metabolic Disorder is brought about by a lot of sugar in the blood.


Sugar is covered up in foods. Sugar contains fructose corn syrup which is in most sustenance accessible on general store retires today. Eating methodologies high in fructose, the inexpensive sweetener utilized as a part of sodas, candy, treats and cakes, increases circulatory strain and prompts increased weight gain. While numerous individuals find it hard to kick the sugar propensity, mounting proof indicates that long term health and weight misfortune objectives can be fundamentally improved by eliminating sweets and replacing them with natural foods that we have evolved to eat. Overabundance sugar hides in the body cells and is later converted in to fats which are not useful to the body. This fats slowly increase thus causing obesity.

In conclusion, sugar has no nutrients. It is only a vacant calorie food. For being absorbed, sugar obliges assistance from vitamin and mineral stores of the body thus depleting them all the while. Therefore, the body is at a dietary disadvantage in digesting sugars. Give us a chance to attempt and stop inordinate sugar intake. The genuine risk of sugar consumption is that it prompts death. Sugar is available in everything you eat from soups to even salt thus getting free of it seems impossible. However, attempt in the event that you can. It is constantly wise to peruse marks of food that you buy. Moderate and eventual reduction of sugar intake can make you successful in reaching a sugar free eating routine.

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