Constant Cravings Driving You Crazy?


You’ve read the health blogs, tried the trending and not-so-trending diets, forced yourself to eat what you hate and have literally starved yourself to be set free from an unhealthy lifestyle and unsightly weight.  The struggle is real!

It’s like you’re being driven by some task master that won’t give up or give you a break.  It’s not just your taste buds, it’s the maniacal thoughts and desires to just eat it.  “Just eat it. Open up your mouth and feed it.”  What is this out of control sensation – unquenchable drive for what you want?

You do not need another list of foods you can or can’t eat nor another diet cure-all pill or even another exercise program or routine.  What if it was simpler – and much more interesting than all of that?  What if it is just a memory held in your mind to protect you and keep you safe that you are harboring? In the recesses of your mind, thoughts trap your body into doing what it knows is secure. These thoughts are just as powerful as your heart beating, your breath breathing and your eyes blinking. Would you be interested and curious?

There was a young woman who just loved chocolate. She couldn’t get enough! If it was in her home, it was gone… in faster than a Lamborghini can get from 0 to 60.

She had no willpower and no ability to stop her crazy cravings.  It worked to keep chocolate out of the house completely.

Then the temptation was only compelling her when she wasn’t home. She learned a technique that she was eager to try on her can-not-resist-chocolate craving.

She found through this technique a memory of when she was just 2 or 3 years old and her parents gave her a very large chocolate Easter bunny.  She loved the sugary flavor and continued eating until the chocolate was consumed – even though it was nearly ¼ her size!  Her dad laughed and laughed at that little girl’s chocolate mustache and ability to consume such vast amounts of chocolate in one fell swoop.

She felt like a hero. Impressive.  Remarkable. Intriguing.

She had impressed her father and made him sublimely happy as shown by his laughing and applauding her.  See, this little girl was only trying to please her daddy and create a feeling of importance.  Her immature and impressionable brain was impacted by the emotion and made a direct link – chocolate = being impressive.

Do you see why she was a slave to the dark sweet milky sensation on her tongue.  Now logically we know that this is not so.

No chocolate ever made anyone into Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey or Einstein.  But this is the mind of a child just surviving in a world full of information and creating innocent links to be efficient and effective.  It is this way with our beautiful, complicated, fascinating mind.

My people wonder “What’s wrong with me” when it comes to food and other unhealthy cravings.  They have tried everything and want to finally get to the bottom of it and are willing to put their money where their mouth is and be rewarded with freedom!

Our brain links – just like a chain – to an idea.  It becomes locked in our subconscious mind and drives us to perform its duties – like a slave master.  Have you felt a slave to your cravings?  Have you considered it is because you are?

So how do we find out what it is that drives us to unsatisfied desires?

There are secrets of the mind that if you are willing to logically explore, will give you true freedom!  I ask tough questions. Questions that will drive down to the root causes, beliefs and memories.  Through tools and techniques, like a can opener, let’s open up your options and change beliefs and remove painful emotional states. Let’s find the answers.  Let’s let go of the problem and create the freedom to chose rather than crave unendingly.

Imagine the possibilities?  It’s like brain surgery – the belief is removed and replaced with a new belief belonging right where it is needed to change your life.

This is the diet of effortlessness and ease.

This is your future.

Article by Tammy Magnuson

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