New Products : Herbalife Launches Green Tea and Cinnamon Tea Concentrate


Herbalife is adding a green tea line to its product portfolio, available in two flavors – original and pomegranate.

The company is thrilled as it believes the new product complements its nutrition values of encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. You can buy Herbalife Green tea now.

Herbalife Green tea is made of antioxidants that save consumers from any radical damage from exercise and training. Consumers just need to add water, and the blend will keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Herbalife affirms that the new product is made from the finest quality of green tea leaves. These leaves are obtained from carefully-chosen cultivators in China’s Hunan Province and are later developed at Herbalife’s state-of-the-art production facility in the province’s largest city, Changsha.

Herbalife’s worldwide product marketing vice president, Dr. Luigi Gratton said even though the new tea is not beneficial for any specific medicinal purposes, it is technically rich in catchechins and flavonoids, which are polyphenols that work as effective antioxidants for our body. So, the development of any free radicals in the body is reduced from these bioactive compounds.

The new addition to Herbalife’s nutrition-focused portfolio can be taken any time of the day to stay fresh and consists of only 25 mg of caffeine in each serving. Moreover, it offers a low-calorie alternative that contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Apart from this, Herbalife is also expanding its tea concentrate line with a new flavor of cinnamon.

new Herbalife tea cinnamon

This product line offers a low-calorie alternative to its users. It contains 85 mg caffeine per serving and lets consumers rev up their day with a renewed sense of energy.

Antioxidant support is also provided from this revitalizing mix of low-calorie ingredients of green teas and orange pekoe.

Herbalife sells its products through an exclusive network of independent Members through the Company’s official Online Store website.

What makes Green Tea so special?

Green tea has more than likely belonged of the human diet for thousands as well as hundreds of years; dating to ancient times.

While it has actually traditionally been enjoyed by individuals in Asia, it is becoming also much more popular in the western world. There is no question that one of the factors for this increase in popularity is due to the wellness effects of green tea. Herbalists and those practicing holistic medicine have actually long held that green tea is healthy. Recently scientific and clinical research studies have actually been able to reveal verifiable health and wellness perks of green tea.

The only difference is that black tea is more heavily refined. Just like other foods, each additional step of handling robs it of some healthy benefits.

Exactly what are the benefits of green tea? That’s a fantastic question. Let’s admit that although the first folks who utilized green tea really did not have contemporary degrees in science, they were a lot more in song with their atmosphere, and out of need, their bodies. They might not have actually understood why green tea worked, however they had the ability to easily view the results. It turns out that modern-day researchers concur with the folks of past centuries when it comes to the benefits of  green tea.

The only difference is that scientists have a better understanding if why green tea is so great for you. Here are some of the possible benefits of consuming green tea consistently.

There is proof that the compounds in green tea work to lower the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. The thinking is that if the body takes in less cholesterol, then it cannot develop in the capillary. If that’s the instance, after that the threat of cardiovascular disease decreases.

Not just does green tea decrease the absorption of cholesterol, it does the very same thing with fat. Compounds in green tea can decrease the secretion of leptin. The other aspect of green tea that assists in weight loss is that it can improve metabolism; melting off more calories also when you are at rest.

Another among the perks of green tea that researchers have found is that it could assist control blood sugar level degrees. Whatever it is that made our forefathers uncover the benefits of green tea, it’s a good point they did.

It is a beverage that not just tastes good, but it’s also helpful for you. Both green tea and also black tea come from the very same plant.

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) has announced the launch of a new green tea line, expanding its product portfolio to attract a wider customer base.

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