Spinning – The Ultimate Fitness Formula


All about Spinning: The Ultimate Fitness and Cardio-Training Solution

Spinning combines the best elements of exercise: calorie burning, stress relief, weight loss and most of all, fun! Spinners can enjoy a good workout whatever the weather in the comfort of a well-equipped, music-filled studio. If you fancy putting trying a different type of exercise this year, here are just a few reasons why you should hop on a bike and go for a spin.

A 45-minute spinning session will seem like a 10-minute stint amidst all the entertainment. Unlike a solitary run in the park or a silent exercise class, a typical spin class is filled with motivation boosters that will keep you going for every session. From some pumping beats surrounding the studio to light changes and lively instructors, you’ll never experience a dull, slow moment on and off the bike.

The rhythmic, fast-paced nature of spinning releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that will put a bounce in your step for the rest of the day. Heightened levels of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine will inject some excitement, pleasure and happiness into your day to combat everyday stresses. In short, if you’re having a bad day then jump onto a bike!

Although a spinning class is fairly structured, you can control your pace from start to finish. This element is what makes spinning so inclusive for all adult ages and fitness levels. Glow fitness offers plenty of different classes, from cardio challenges to barefoot conditioning, which have already attracted a diverse range of clients.

As spinning is so straightforward and safe, group members can relax and communicate with fellow cyclists and the instructor. The ‘give-take’ dynamic in a session promotes a positive, sociable atmosphere that will become a highlight in your week. After a few classes, you’ll look forward to the opportunity to mute your phone and escape from the world outside for a while.

Many tend to think that cycling is mainly a workout for the legs. However, spinning proves that simple exercises whilst cycling can provide all-over training that will increase your fitness levels and stamina. Glow’s skilled instructors incorporate additional equipment and activities, such as dumbbells, intense stretching and Pilates to create our versatile and dynamic classes.

Most of us hit the gym to tone up and lose weight. If losing the pounds is the main goal for you, spinning should be right up your street. Fast-paced, intense workouts can burn up to a thousand calories in a single hour, and unlike other sports, you’ll be in the seat all the way.

Spinning delivers numerous great benefits without putting strain on your joints. This low impact activity allows you to burn the calories while remaining reasonably comfortable throughout each session. If the going does get a bit too tough, you can just switch around a few bike settings to find a level that is satisfying.

Check out 4 reasons to keep on spinning:

1.    Fat burning cardio: Spinning revs up your metabolism and can be a torch burner for calories. Depending on your weight and intensity, spinning can burn about 400-600 calories in a 40-minute workout.

2.    Low impact: Dr. Bries says spinning protects your hips, knees, feet, and ankles from the jarring impact of sports like jogging.  Spinning is also great for those who suffer from arthritis or other joint pain.

3.    Time-saver: A great spinning workout takes under an hour and it’s easy to fit the exercise into your busy workday.

4.    It’s fun: Spinning combines the motivation of a group workout, a supportive instructor, and energetic, heart-pounding music. “Spinning is a gift you give yourself.”

If you would like to take your spinning classes at home click here for a good indoor-cycling fitness store. Or find some great Spinning DVD’s.

Now, what about Spinning and Weight Loss?

According to a recent study, women tend to lose more weight when they choose workouts that are safe, convenient and comfortable enough to become part of their day-to-day routine. Specifically, indoor spinning is one option that foots the bill perfectly.

Spinning is a nice alternative because it is easy on the joints, burns a lot of calories and can be done in a group setting, such as a spin class, or alone and the weather indoors is usually a lot more consistent.

Spinning in a Pool? What is Aqua Cycling?

Aqua Fit Cycling can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Working out in water means your muscles are forced to work harder. The extra pressure of the water on your legs pushes blood back up into the top half of your body, raising your heart rate and burning more calories during the session (constant resistance in all directions with body fat as source of fuel, as its manly an aerobic session). Because you’re in the water, your body temperature doesn’t increase in the same way, so you don’t sweat the same. However, this has a nice effect on your perception of the workout, meaning that you always try to push harder and harder as you feel that you’re not sweating enough, which in turns makes your session in the water tougher when compared to outside water workout.

The pressure of the water on your legs pushes blood back up into your heart, facilitating that venous return of the blood. Research has shown that water resistance coupled with cyclical motion creates a constant lymphatic massage that breaks down fat, reduces cellulite, prevents varicose veins and fuels your muscle to work harder and longer. Eliminating cellulite is much easier in this scenario. The recovery process is facilitated as well.

Aqua Bike significantly reduces joint impact as your body weight is reduced by 80 per cent underwater. By decreasing the strain on muscles and ligaments, you can train your muscles without putting excessive stress on joints thus preventing injury. Injury free.

Participants mainly will be working on toning up legs. However, the exercises classes also incorporate a series of core and arm strengthening activities to give you an overall workout (press-ups on bikes, dips, sit-ups).

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