Stress Relieve Tips for Women


How to Relieve Stress – Proven Tips for Women

Nobody in their right mind would try to convince you that we live in a stress-free world. While it is true that men and women both are subjected to stress, it seems that men tend to have a harder time dealing with it. It used to be conventional wisdom that men had more stress than women, but ask any woman and you will find out that simply isn’t true. In some ways, women are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with stress, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

For one thing, a lot of women are mothers and have full time jobs as well. In a perfect world, men and women would share all of the household responsibilities equally, but study after study has shown that women do much more of the work around the home, and that’s even if they work outside of the home.

Several techniques are available that can help women start relieving stress. Here are some of the most effective methods for reducing stress.

Eat Healthy Food

First of, adapt your diet. Bad nutrition habits conduct to stress. Avoid sugar. Instead, eat fruits a vegetables and foods rich in proteins, such as soy. You can find loads of advise on how to eat clean on this blog. As long as you nourish your body with junk food, your brain will not be able to function well, and you will have difficulties to deal with your daily challenges.

Work Out or Go for a Walk

Take yourself on a hike, a walk, a swim, a jog, or a bike ride. Take time to exercise. Exercise will help clear your mind,blow off steam and keep you healthy. Many women have a hard time voicing their frustration because we are not brought up to get angry and show it, however strenuous exercise added to your daily routine can help with anger. Working out and exercise is a great way to work off stress.

Just go for a walk. Or, do any form of exercise. Walking, swimming, dancing, hiking, going for a bike ride, or any other activity will help you in several ways. It will give you time to clear your mind. It can also help you to blow off steam in a constructive manner.

See, society generally says that women can express happiness and cry once in a while, but not show their anger. That doesn’t mean you should never get mad, but rather that exercise is a healthy outlet to get rid of some of the anger that can lead to stress.

Of course, the fact that exercise will also make you healthier is just icing on the cake.

Treat yourself.

You have to take some time to do good things for yourself, to do the things you enjoy. You don’t have to forget everybody else, but be sure to remember you too. Don’t just promise yourself that you will do something nice when you have the time. Instead, schedule time for yourself every day, or every week. And don’t feel guilty about it either; you’ve earned it. You will feel better, and the people around you will notice an improvement as your stress starts to melt away.

You need to take time to do things for yourself. Go have coffee, meet with friends, get yourself a massage, etc. Make sure that your time is a priority not just when you have time to do them. Set an hour or one day per week to have a little fun. Do something for yourself without feeling any guilt. You have earned that time. If you follow this information on how women can relieve stress and use it, you will see many benefits including, lower blood pressure, a raise in your spirits and a happier family.

Say No – It’s Okay.

Women often try to take care of those around them and forget to care for themselves. You may have a big heart but you do not have a lot of time. There are times when you won’t be able to chaperon a field trip or make cookies for the school bake sale. In many cases women are the primary care givers in a household and many times they feel as if they let those around them down if they don’t jump up to take care of everyone. If you care for yourself first then the rest tends to follow. Think of this, when you are on an airplane the flight attendant will tell you to put an oxygen mask on yourself before helping any other people. In the real world you should do the same. Learn to say no. That is one of the most important things a woman can learn.

Always keep in mind: Use the magic word. What is the magic word? The word is ‘no’. That’s right! Perhaps there is an inborn need women have to take care of things, or maybe it has been thrust upon them by society. Either way, they often find it hard to say no. While this isn’t always a problem if it doesn’t get too far out of hand, it can add to your stress if you start ignoring yourself. Besides, if you really want to help others, then doesn’t it make sense that you should be as free from stress as possible?

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We can all agree that most of us live in a stressful society. While both men and women suffer from stress, women may have usually more stress to deal with than men. There are unique challenges that make it important to find information on how women can relieve stress. When you have the situation where a women works and is also a mom, she will have demands coming at her from all angles. Her boss, her husband, her children, her household will all take a toll on her stress level. That’s a lot for any person to handle at one time and it is very important that she take care of herself as well as her health so that she can meet the demands.


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