Don’t let them catch you! Read the Labels


If you often fall in this trap of “Low fat, Low sugar, Low salt, Low something” or “No something” thing… Pay attention!

Most people go grocery shopping. From there, everyone shops in various ways. They depend on price, brand label or food labels. Those who have shopped depending on the food labels might be a bit misinformed and are now to find that calories have been miscounted.This leads to confusion because doctors insist on counting calories to maintain a healthy weight.

A calorie is unit of energy. More specifically, it is the energy needed to warm or absorbed within the temperature of water. 

Every person absorbs and uses energy in different ways. If there are two different people with a 2000 calorie intake, they can have two completely different outcomes. If one spends all day laying around, the calories affect them differently than someone who is constantly moving and may even require more to compensate. When asked about her awareness of the misleading food labels, freshman Taylor Gregory was nothing short of surprised.

“I did not know that food labels were inaccurate. It can really end up messing with someone’s health in the long run. Sure you eat less in the long run, but it could mess with the nutritional needs, especially for people who depend on the labels.” Knowing adequate nutrition is key to one’s own success. If possible, do not depend on food labels.

Fresh fruit will always come first to canned or processed foods. There are no calorie counts needed, just awareness of how much a person should be eating. If there are changes made in the future, it is up to food companies to become dependable and revise their labels.

The number of calories is not all you need to know! Check out proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats…

Do not fall into the trap of “low in something”. Read the labels with attention. They try to sell us sometimes even orange juice without cholesterol! This actually makes no sens! Check this video:

Are these Foods Healthy?

Are Theses Foods Healthy?

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